Monday, November 7, 2011

Kaitlyn Stolte

Boyles- Station 6 and can station: because as temp of water decreased the pressure increased so it pushed egg, as temp decreased pressure increased.
(Constant temp pressure and volume are inversely related)

Charles- Station 1 and Station 2: because constant temp and volume are directly related, as you apply pressure increases temp and volume expands.
(Constant pressure temp and volume are directly related)

Gay-Lusaac's- Straw station and Station 3: because as temp increases so did pressure, as temp increased it increased pressure and volume.
(Constant volume temp and pressure are directly related)


  1. Good job on explaining the different laws.
    The thing you could work on would be explaining the process out more and not just running it all together take time and explain.

  2. Good Job Kaitlyn. Just remember to explain and back up your answers a little more. Just take a little more time.

  3. very good i like how you put the relationships in quotations under the station explanation

  4. Good job explaining them. I see a few capitalization errors, but otherwise it looks good.